INSPIRATION and HOPE – My Manifesto

Because of the tragic cold blooded shooting in Emanuel AME Church at Charleston SC earlier in the week, sermon subjects were picked for many churches on Sunday June 22, 2015 Our Pastor used the scripture from the book of Romans, Chapter 5 verses 3-5, “…but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about […]

Teaching Children the value of a dollar

I have gotten lots of good feedback from my “Teach Your Youth“ series. So I had to share this article from Gregory Karp with the Chicago Tribune I came across. HERE is a good read about teaching children the value of a dollar. The article helped enlighten me by explaining why to; not tie allowance to chores encourage a strong work […]

Teach Your Youth, Part 1: Start Early – Beat the “Can-I-va” Conumdrum

If your kids are old enough to ask for things, they are old enough to start learning about money. Never has this been as pressing as it is today. Why? Because it’s so easy to give our kids anything they want. Today, when we want something, that colorful plastic card with our name on it […]

Teach our Youth to have Peak Financial Stability and Happiness

One of my favorite quotes about money comes from Zig Ziglar; – “Money is not everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen on the ‘got to have it’ scale.” To maintain peak performance, professional athletes understand the importance of training their body for the proper use of oxygen.   For peak financial performance, our society needs to […]

PEACE will be with you!

The last three post have been a discussion on important items to have on your journey to find financial stability and happiness. 1- HOPE – the fuel to keep you moving forward. 2- JOY – the entertainment needed to keep a Greatful, Positive and Abundant Mindset. 3- LOVE – the encouragement to share with others […]

Share some LOVE!

It is a tough journey to find financial stability and happiness without encouragement and inspiration to help you along the way. In my last two blog posts, I discussed the need to have “HOPE” and “JOY” with you on your Journey.  These two encouraging words can be your inspiration to keep focused and excited as you […]