Little known Health Insurance Benefit

Are you confused about the future of our Health Care? Who isn’t? However, one benefit I am NOT confused about is the Health Savings Account. Click HERE for information about this little known insurance benefit. For many middle class Americans, health insurance is not as affordable as the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” calls itself. That is […]

How to find your Best Bank EVER!

Matt Becker has a great blog I would like to share called, “Is Your Bank Ripping You Off?” How many of you still have an account with your friendly home town bank? Only it is not “your friendly home town bank” any more. It is now your “Unfriendly MegaBank”. We all remember when the merger […]

Precious Trust and Attention

Remember when we paid the trusted cable company to avoid the interruption of TV Commercials? It was worth the money so our viewing pleasure was not disrupted every ten minutes. It turned out we got duped, so we no longer use the word “trusted” when we refer to big cable companies. Now, we are annoyed […]

Are you a “Deer in Headlights?”

Today’s Personal Critical Financial Issues have NEVER been more complex.  It is so much easier to not face them.  You want to “think” you going in the right direction, but with all the choices today,  it is difficult to know what direction to go and steps to take. Like driving at night. You come around […]

The Ultimate Method to Arrange your Priorities.

When I was a sophomore in High School, I remember reading a quote from a graduating senior in our yearbook.  He wrote, “Procrastination is the ultimate method to arranging your priorities.” My sophomoric brain had no idea what this meant, but I was proud that it could roll off my tongue to make me sound smart!  Fast forward 30 years and this […]

7 Weird things money does to to our brains – Lynn Stuart Parramore

Here is an excellent article from Salon by LYNN STUART PARRAMORE. It is called “7 Weird things money does to our brains”. It is about the emerging field of neuroeconomics to help explain what our brain looks like on “cash”. It’s not always pretty. Here goes; Money Kills Empathy. Losing money hurts, literally. More money, […]
July 2,2014

Here is a great post by Club Thrifty called “Sorry kids, we are Broke! – 4 reasons to live like you are poor”.

It is about the benefit of raising your kids with lower expectations. Way lower.

If you set it low enough, your kids will learn to be happy with less.” -Holly Johnson

Holly says with lower expectations, your kids learn not to tie their self esteem to material things that cost lots of money. This way, you can save for more important things like education and experiences.



Make it EASY now, or later

Parents with teens can relate to the difficult conversations we have with our children about spending money. Especially when the child abruptly ends the discussion by saying; “Why do you always want to make things so DIFFICULT!” No one can blame anyone for wanting EASY. Especially when you can spend someone else’s money! However, spending habits can […]

“I know not what course others may take…”

Each July 4th, I think about how our Founding Fathers stuck their necks out for us. These men are worthy of our honor as we recognize this date as the official birthday of our nation. One of my favorite examples is Patrick Henry. He is famous for his 1775 “liberty or death” speech he made to rally others to join the […]

Sydney’s Great Adventures

Hutchison Group’s newest addition, Sydney the koala bear, travels the world with purpose. Her travels may take her to the beach, to the city, to the country or across the globe.  Where are you going next? Do you want to cruise the Caribbean? Layout on a sun-drenched beach? Ski fresh powder? Visit missed family? Take […]